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الشركة الناشئة – Startup

الشركة الناشئة، هي شركة في المرحلة الأولى من بدء نشاطها التجاري، وغالباً ما يتم تمويل هذه الشركات مبدئياً من قبل مؤسسيها أصحاب المشروع في محاولة…

Minimal design and Inspiration

I love the feel and sophistication of its superiority. I like people with a keen mind and at the same time easy to talk to….

Modern design and creative

For me, the design — it is the quality of life. Good design has little to do with trends. Designers do not only image-makers, but also…

Minimalism has reached a certain point

Designers do not only image-makers, but also dreamers who tell stories and think. For me, all the things a good story is more important than its…

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